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Gt08 tricks

But the big question for this review is whether or not this watch is worth the price you will be paying. The various color options for this smartwatch include: Black and Gold, Black and silver and red and gold and you can find them being sold by several different sellers on various websites. The GT08 Smartwatch comes with a front facing camera on the top of the unit, colored display, rubber wrist band, the operating system is Android based, towards the side is a cool charge port that covered with an easy pop out flop, loud-speaker and on the other side you have the mic and then to really finish things off you have the dial wheel as on most watches that can turned and be pressed but when turned it has no real functionality at all except when pressed.

If the watch is asleep by pressing the dial wheel it will wake up the watch or put it back to sleep or can act as a home button of sorts when moving through the watch menus. The watch can also take a SIM card and double as a fully functional standalone phone which is one of the best things about the GT08 Smartwatch which I really love.

It can also connect to your smartphone by Bluetooth or your car and can work with Android or an Apple iPhone easily. This cheap smartwatch attaches to your hand by clamping together which makes it really easy to put on but do watch out as while it easily is put on it can easy be knocked off during intense activities if you are not careful.

The camera can do still shots or record video depending on what you are aiming for. The quality is not really anything impressive so you may be less than impressed with it.

The microphone on the other hand is more practical and you can really use it to record stuff or leave memos. Also the speaker that carries sound is really good and loud. The watches OS is Android and it OK, you have a home screen and the watch can be set based on your phones time once the watch and your phone is synced. You can also get various clock faces which keeps the look fresh.

There is a dial pad for calling a number if you have a SIM card present. You can view messages and even write or compose a message. You have notification and you can set various privacy setting and even adjust your brightness.

To sync your phone and your smartwatch successfully you will need the smartwatch App from the Play store to pair both devices. There is a cool feature that also allows you to locate your phone or prevent it from getting lost, it works by allowing your phone to vibrate once your phone is out of your range or range of the watch. You can even capture pictures easily from the phone with a simple click. A standard charger will work for charging which you can find just about anywhere and you can easily get a whole day worth of usage out of your device easily.

Charging can take an hour or more give or take and you will be good for a day of activity. So if you are looking for an affordable smartwatch the GT08 Smartwatch is definitely for you.By Victoria Woollaston for MailOnline. A software developer has created a workaround that lets an iPhone owner see notifications on their Android watch pictured. A major criticism of smartwatches is that the majority only work with specific brands and models of phone.

And even those that can be used across multiple devices are limited to specific operating systems. But now, a software developer has created a workaround that lets an iPhone owner see notifications on their Android watch. It is used by the Pebble smartwatch, as an example, to pair and show notifications on iPhones and iPads. It is used by the Pebble smartwatch left to show notifications on iPhones and iPads. When Apple launches its Watch right the device will only connect with Apple products and it is unlikely the hack will work the other way.

Jailbreaking is typically used to remove restrictions Apple places on its software and apps, but it can invalidate the warranty on the device.

But, it shows the potential for pairing Android with iOS. When Apple launches its Watch next month the device will only connect with other Apple products and due to the firm's restrictions, it is unlikely Mr Abu-Garbeyyeh's hack will work the other way. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Boris Johnson is OUT of hospital: PM is finally going home to recuperate at Chequers after coronavirus battle in intensive care brought him to 'death's door'.

Secret gaming code of DZ09, GT08, A1 and X9 Smart Watch.

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The small smart display with big potential: Google Home Hub review.Actually it is quite easy to add watch faces for your Chinese smartwatch. In the next few sentences we will tell you how to do that. For this purpose we have No. In other words you can use these tutorial for any other Mediatek smartwatch.

All watch faces are in VXP formt, and you can download it from here. Before you do that first you will need to install Mediatek Smartdevice from Google Play. After that you can choose and download several different VXP watch faces. After you download watch faces, every seperate watch face has three different files.

First you will need to extract it, and then copy all files in appmanager folder on your smartphone. So you can see it is actually really easy to do that. As long as the watch has a mediatek chipset, which pretty much all generic chinese smartwatches do, then it should work flawlessly.

I have a Cancgo K89 smartwatch I bought from the wish app. I downloaded the mediatek app from the playstore.

Sink mediatek software to your watch. Download whatever vxp format watchfaces you want. It pretty much has the same interface as mediatek. Hope this helps. I want somebody to answer this ques because im also having a lot of troubles trying to do this shit in iphone. Should i use an android phone for this job?

For digital clock face has more than 3 main files sometimes more than files. I copied it to app manager folder, but could not find it.

Any ideas?

How to Install .VXP Watch Faces on MediaTek Smart Device, Fundo Wear

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This is done mainly with the Photoshop pen tool. The Photoshop designers use a pen tool and create a path for each object.Hi Guys.

gt08 tricks

I have a problem with my smartwatch. I did a mistake. I tried to flash the rom but maybe i used a wrong rom. So now the screen is white and i cant use it. What can i do? There is any way to install a mtka rom? Or to convert any gt08 for my chipset?

I tried a lot of roms but nothing. Or anyone with this gt08 clone can share his firmware please? Thank u for your reply. Thank u very much for your reply.

I tried GT08s firmware and it is good for my watch. Do u know how to change facewatch in this os? I tryed with mtk res 1. Do u know where can i buy a gt08 with mtka? Unfortunately there is no way yet to change watch faces for firmwares fitting 32Mb I can't tell a reliable source, nowadays, the market is flooded by clones. Ah ok. Thank u very much for your replies. I will ask to send me a video to seller before to buy it. Maybe i can see from it, if the watch is a clone or not. Thank u very much again.

Yea, good point! I have a GT08 watch. It flashed OK but screen has turned white and colors are inverted. Please tell how to rectify this issue. But same issue with 64 MB ones.DZ09 is the most affordable Smartwatch and is suitable for people with a low budget who want to try out a new tech called Smartwatch. Due to the fact it is cheaper, it comes with limited watch faces, precisely only three.

To change Clock Face on DZ09, you first have to take a backup of your current firmware so that we can edit the firmware to change the clock face. To take a backup of your DZ09 firmwarefollow the steps listed here. Extract both MTK resource Edit and watch faces packages and copy them inside the folder with firmware files. Click on ' Pictures' from the tabs at the top and browse through all the pictures until you find the watch face, which is currently installed on your watch or the one you want to replace it with your custom watch face.

Now choose the watch face from the right ' WorkDir' section, which you want to install on your watch and hit the ' Import' button at the top. The existing Clock face will be replaced with the one you have chosen from the WorkDir. Before saving, you might need to back up your old ROM file, just in case if anything goes wrong.

We recommend you to make a copy of all the firmware files before making any changes. Now flash the modified firmware files to your DZ09 Smartwatch by following the instructions listed here, and you should see the new Watch Face on DZ Was this tutorial helpful? If so, don't forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, etc.

gt08 tricks

If you are designing your own clock face, make sure it is x in resolution and save it as a. Also, make sure that the size of the file should be less than 25 KB. How to connect DZ09 to iPhone. How to Install Games on DZ But I can not change the clock face in the way you tell me. The pictures on the left are not visible. It might work. Just take a backup of your DZ09 firmware and edit it using the tool provided above. No, it is not. Make sure you have a backup of your ROM firmware just in case something goes wrong.

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Download Android 8.

Required download links are mentioned in the tutorial.Unfortunately, yet, there is no way to get in contact with the watch else than through proprietary mediatek drivers so that the only ways to communicate for now are Flash Tool app and bluetooth modem proprietary commands the most important of them being secret as well To do such a reverse engineering is way way way over my pay grade Still I'm working for an app which could replace any media in the watch backgrounds, icons but through flashing method of course.

Sorry for not knowing, but what about bluetooth app transfer in the Google play store. How can they be used on dz? I'm almost sure you found these before me, still, here link you have more than 10 versions of dz09 firmwares others than we checked before It looks like they made a firmware for each phone very prolific guys when about dz09 Hope this time you catch the right one!

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Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Suggested Apps. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Thanks Meter : How to: First you have need of a full dump of your ROM. Assuming that you already got a Flash Tool 5.

A screen then comes up and you need to choose troubleshooting and then startup options. It will then reboot and give you a menu. It cannot be so useless, isn't it? I was in exactly the same situation, so 'cause I didn't find any answer I've started reverse engineering.

Attached Files Readback Extractor mtk 2. Thanks Meter : 6. Join Date: Joined: Nov Lil to late for me XD OP Senior Member.

How to Install Apps on DZ09, GT08, GV08 and APLUS Smartwatches

Join Date: Joined: Oct Junior Member. Thanks Meter : 0. Join Date: Joined: Jan Are there apps in the works to change watch faces without flashing? Thanks for the info I just think this watch have great potential.It might not be that high end compared to other popular smartwatch but the DZ09 is still a top pick by smartwatch fans. This smartwatch is sort of a trainer smartwatch for some, before going for a high end one.

Yes there are some codes that you can activate that have a special purpose, add apps and games or sometimes just a code to know more about the inner workings of your smartwatch.

Please take note that sometimes these codes are not working, maybe this is due to the differences in firmware. Whether you have the legit one or not, you can check out the secret codes below whether it works or not, try it at your own risk, please take note that we are not responsible if something goes wrong with your DZ09 Smartwatch.

To be able to use the above secret codes, follow the instructions below:. Check also smartwatchspecifications.

How to Change Clock Face on DZ09 Smartwatch

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gt08 tricks

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