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Mileven fanfiction season 2

Spoilers ahead for all of Stranger Things 2. Romance abounds in Stranger Things 2, and the series gave hope to or fulfilled many ships.

Hopper and Joyce shared a meaningful hug. Lucas got his first kiss. Jonathan and Nancy went all the way. But the coupling that made fans' hearts sing the most was Mike and Eleven's. If you're an adult, wanting two kids to get together might feel a little creepy. But shipping Eleven and Mike on Stranger Things isn't weird. In fact, based on the events of Season 2, it's totally what the series wants you to be doing. While Stranger Things already established that these two were more than just friends in Season 1 — Mike even planted a kiss on Eleven — they're older now, and their feelings have progressed appropriately.

Though Eleven's return in "The Mind Flayer" is already epic — she just saved the gang from demodogs — the real heart of the scene is when Mike and Eleven see one another. When Mike steps forward, hardly able to believe that Eleven is finally standing in front of him after a year, his look morphs from astonishment to relief to happiness once he realizes she's real. Meanwhile, Eleven's fierce face practically melts as she looks at Mike looking at her.

No one else in the room exists for these two in this moment. The scene is charged with mutual affection didn't Steve say you can feel the electricity of love? Without saying a word, Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown convey every single emotion Mike and Eleven are feeling in a heartachingly palpable way, proving that despite all of the freaky, more action-based cliffhangers in Season 2, the best end-of-episode scene belonged to the budding love story of two young teenagers. Much like Stranger Things itself, which is adored for deftly balancing its sci-fi elements with heartwarmingly grounded ones like Mike and Eleven's reunion, Mike and Eleven's relationship also embraces this defining feature of the series.

mileven fanfiction season 2

From the moment he met her, Mike accepted Eleven in all of her paranormal glory. Even though she didn't have a typical childhood, Mike always provided her with a safe space to be herself, and that's one of the reasons she loves him. As for Mike, he is clearly enamored by Eleven and her powers, but his unwavering devotion to her throughout Season 2 proves that it's not just her special abilities that make her special to him.

All of this, in turn, led to an exceptionally emotional reunion. The Mileven ship also really resonates with people because of how pure it is. Sure, Eleven showed a nasty side when she was jealous of Max, but otherwise, their relationship is relatively untainted It's clear from the Season 2 finale, which ends with Eleven and Mike dancing at the Snow Ball together, that the series very much wants you shipping these characters. In fact, they are the tween equivalent of endgame.These are recommendations made by tropers for Stranger Things fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page.

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Mileven Drabble just bc

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Broken by Manni Do Not Leave Quietly by stayicy. What is Wrong with Our Kids? Deeper, Darker bySilverMoonPhantom. I'll find your lips in the streetlights by stoprobbersfic. Time's just holding me down I'll tear up this town by jormaperalta. Lab Rats by Origamidragons.

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mileven fanfiction season 2

Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Michael Wheeler left his long-time girlfriend Eleven Hopper behind to go to medical school in Boston. Eleven returns after three months of unbearable darkness. Everything settles back to normal, until the bad men return and a kidnapping changes everything.

And things may become stranger still. What kind of teenage party had mistletoe anyways? It was kind of ridiculous. Eleven finds herself finally living the life she's always wanted. Endless Eggos, forts, and cuddles from Mike. But will she be able to control her emotions and powers she's been hiding deep down, or most importantly, the contrasting feelings she's developing for Mike?

He refused to forget her. She was out there, somewhere. He'll never give up and he didn't give a damn what anyone thought. Mike walked down the stairs, preparing the act.

He'd smile and hope it reached his eyes, laugh at their jokes and hope it didn't sound too hollow or fake. He'd act like everyone else. Hopper and Joyce think they're going to have a night free of the kids but are met with an unexpected surprise. Rated T for suggestive situations between two consenting, married adults.

Mike teaches eleven how to make eggos and something goes wrong Takes place after season 1 some time after Eleven returns. They are just too cute!! Tearing down El is their way to remind themselves they still hold all the cards.

A sleepover at Mike's while Joyce and Hopper are away for the weekend, it should be fine right? Sleeping in the basement, Eggos, watching movies, just like before. What could go wrong? How about the biggest storm to hit Hawkins county since '76? Mike's stomach tightened with nerves. His fingers trembled. The model's lips twisted into a tantalizing smirk She knew the affect she had on him.Keep safe, be healthy, and stay creative.

One-off die-cut, Mileven stickers.

mileven fanfiction

Removable, waterproof and extremely awesome. Sell your art. Mileven Stickers Results. Tags: stranger things, elmax, eleven and max, stranger things 3, mileven, mike wheeler, eleven, hopper, will byers, el hopper, millie bobby brown, finn wolfhard, stranger things kids, noah schnapp, lucas, mike and will.

Stranger Things Pack Sticker. By erinsdrawings. Tags: stranger things, season 1, season 3, eleven, mike wheeler, will byers, dustin henderson, lucas sinclair, max mayfield, billy hargrove, steve harrington, robin, suzie, hopper, joyce byers, erica sinclair, maury bauman, alexei, demogorgon, mindflayer, millie bobby brown, sadie sink, dacre montgomery, finn wolfhard, gaten matarazzo, noah schnapp, caleb mclaughlin, david harper, natalia dyer, joe keery, winona ryder, charlie heaton, maya hawke, fourth of july, st3, st, upside down, netflix, mileven, stranger things mileven, stranger things eleven, stranger things mike.

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By angelinaf Tags: mike, eleven, mileven, stranger things, stranger things 3. By maddiefrick. Tags: stranger things, eleven, mike, mike wheeler, demogorgon, justice for barb, mileven, hawkins, snowball, snowball dance. Hawkins Snowball Sticker. By CookiesAndPizza. Tags: stranger things, stranger things 3, scoops troop, griswold family, eagles nest, elmax, mileven. Tags: mileven, strangerthings. By mealanie.

Tags: eleven, mike, stranger things, stranger, things, millie, millie bobby brown, finn, finn wolfhard, walking, telekinesis, powers, ship, mileven, love, otp, lucas, dustin.

Turn Back Sticker. By ebrown Tags: stranger, things, netflix, mileven, mike, eleven. By aydapadi. Tags: steve harrington, stranger things, stranger things season three, joe keery, mileven, millie bobby brown, eleven, mike wheeler, finn wolfhard.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Thanks to Dustin, Mike and Eleven get locked in a closet while they're decorating for the Snow Ball dance.

mileven fanfiction season 2

Post-the Upside down. Mileven if you squint. Light Spoilers. When Mike brings El to school so she can work her superpowers on the radio, Troy interrupts them and tries to hit on El.

Eleven makes an omelet for Mike's mom. I'm still practicing writing stories about them. Mileven crushing. Just a little fluffy flashfic. Just a short one-shot where Troy tells Mike he could never get a girlfriend, and things happen. Also the formatting is a lil fucked up so sorry in advance. It was a major part of her life. The darkness of the Bath, the Upside Down, the labs, her room at night, the forest.

She lived most her life in darkness. Mike tries to figure out the beginning, the middle, and the end of his story with Eleven. Soulmate AU. She wondered if Mike actually liked her, or he was like treating her like a friend.

Good thing she had people to make it unforgettable. She had been looking for them for a solid twenty minutes but had only found things that frightened her and made her wish Mike was there to hold her hand and tell her everything was going to be okay. Karen Wheeler was letting him have a small party in celebration. Mike's 15th birthday celebration was one of the best days of his life. Kissing Eleven made any day the best day of his life.

He and Eleven have often whispered about how cute Dustin and Max would be together. Their own relationship is still undefined, ambiguous at best. She tells him secrets in the dark and he tells her stories about kings and queens to chase away the nightmares.

There are kisses and slow dances and hugs that last too long to be just friends. The words get stuck in his throat. Trip over his tongue until they magically transform into something else that doesn't really carry the same weight as those three words do.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 2. Mike's Bad Luck by senoritalulu26 Mike gets bitten by a demo dog! Can he escape the clutches of death? What did we miss? What if the people who died wanted to blamed someone? I hope you enjoy angst and fluff because there's a lot of it.

But she never thought that moving to Hawkin's would include a kid with superpowers and inter dimensional beings.

And she thought joining a new high school was gonna be her biggest worry. Anima by Hatter23 reviews Your Anima is the representation of your soul.

mileven moments that made me cry (season 2)

El is on the run from the lab, Mike is a business man just looking for his soulmate. What happens when their lives cross, and everything changes for the both of them?

Bad description, read more by checking out chapter 1! Soulmate AU, Mileven centric of course! What if her best friend came too? El definitely didn't expect to be moving into a house with five other people, let alone fall in love with the tall, curly haired musician. Being reposted with longer chapters! The In-Between by mileven reviews Post season 3, Stranger Things multi-chapter that picks up where season 3 left off.

The In-Between addresses questions left unanswered, fills in the gaps, and explores new potential conflicts and character dynamics. Features some heavy concentration on mileven, but there's something here for everyone.

Mileven Drabble just bc

Let's all cry together as we wait for season 4! Time After Time by mille libri reviews She stayed in Hawkins and was broken; he got out and came back broken.

Now Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers need each other to navigate the horrors they'll face and protect the children in their care - and to heal one another in the process. Hopper, Joyce B.

mileven fanfiction season 2

M11 by Misty the Fangirly Lady reviews Jane Ives's best friend goes missing before Kali Ives's, Terry Ives is slowly getting more suspicious of the disappearance of Will Byers, and a strange boy appears in the woods.

All of this is connected to a larger puzzle somehow My own retelling of the show. Constructive criticism is welcome! Shaken and Stirred by jeopardyinwriting The party and Steve having fun and games.

Featuring Nancy, Jonathan and Hopper. That's pretty much it… Except Steve keeps hearing things he shouldn't be able to. Steve- centric. Steve POV I'm purposefully trying to not give the plot away by being annoyingly vague.

The Golden Girl by I've Got Nerve reviews Steve has a girl best friend that he is in love with but has trouble admitting he is, so he still gets with Nancy for a while.

Did I mention the girl he's best friends with is Dustin's sister? There is no love triangle that involves Billy, but he does become friends with the girl sort of. And he tended to be more affectionate.Hopper places her on the couch, before looking around, his eyes falling on Will. The boys look at Max for an answer who shrugs. Keep reading.

Mike shook his head and met her eyes sheepishly as he went to go join her on the couch. She was sitting with her back against the armrest, a magazine splayed open across her upraised knees, and she returned his gaze with a corner of her lips turned up, unsure whether to be exasperated or amused at their friends. Everyone just assumed it was during the time when she was away, when he called her on the radio every single night for almost a year.

They were in the basement one night. Everyone else had gone home, and Hopper was upstairs, waiting to pick her up. It was the way she gripped the bottom of his shirt when she hugged him back.

Tight in her fist, like she never wanted to let him go. Without embarrassment. And I wanted you to know.

This event takes place after Season 2. When Mike tells Eleven that he loves her for the first time, he presents her with a shiny piece of jewelry. They were laying side by side in the fort that he had built for her, holding hands, both quietly staring up at the basement ceiling. It was easy for them to be like this. When Mike returned, he brought a little box with him and sat back down next to her.

Mike is brave. She gently reached out her hand and put it on top of his, letting him know that it was okay. He knew he could tell her anything.

This seemed to put him at ease. He nodded and slowly opened up the box, tilting it so she could see. She had seen many women on television wear these. Nancy even had a few. Eleven looked up at Mike in awe, her big brown eyes pouring into his.

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